Rob started doing stand up comedy at age 20 and has been a regular performer on the Australian comedy scene for the last 27 years entertaining both pub crowds and corporate clients alike.

He is currently working on his own television series which he created and will be hosting on SBS in prime time early next year.

He was the resident M.C. at the Sydney Comedy store for a number of years and has had many television appearances as well as numerous writing credits including the Doug Mulray breakfast radio show and for television - ‘Candid Camera’, ‘The Don Lane Show’ and ‘You’ve Got to be Joking’. He has also recently appeared on the popular ‘Stand Up Australia’ programme for the Comedy Channel.

Rob currently teaches all aspects of comedy at three Sydney Community Colleges and also runs corporate coaching courses with clients including the state Labor Party, UNSW and the NUW. He is also very committed to charity work.

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